We provide professional training and mentorship to students and field guides that need to be assessed to grow in the guiding industry and are able to mentor and assess you in order to obtain various FGASA qualifications.

We provide the following FGASA Assessments:

  • Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2 / formerly Field Guide Level 1)

  • Advanced Field Guide (NQF4 /formerly Field Guide Level 2)

  • Specialist Field Guide (formerly Professional Field Guide or Field Guide Level 3)

  • Apprentice Trails Guide (formerly Back-Up Trails Guide)

  • Trails Guide (formerly Lead Trails Guide)

  • ARH (Advanced Rifle Handling)

  • Local and Regional Birding Certificate (theory & practical)

  • SKS Birding (theory & practical)

Assessments for Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2), Apprentice Trails Guide and ARH are offered within our courses as well as at your workplace.

Assessments for Trails Guide are offered within our Mentorship Trails and at your workplace.

Assessments for Advanced Field Guide (NQF4) and Specialist Field Guide are conducted at your workplace. 

Assessments for all Birding Certificates can either be conducted at your workplace or at a suitable birding area.

Please contact us for further information, availability, dates and prices.