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Join us for 7 or 14 days in top Big 5 wildlife areas in Southern Africa to gain valuable mentored trails hours and dangerous game encounters as 2nd and 1st rifle.

Take the next step and get your Apprentice Trails Guide qualification (formerly Back-up Trails). Our FGASA endorsed 28 days courses include ARH (Advanced Rifle Handling) assessment and take place at various venues in Southern Africa.

With many years training Field Guides we cater and train for different Nature Guiding schools, Field Guide Colleges, Nature Reserves and Safari Lodges. We provide specific or general Field Guide training to help your Field Guides/Trails Guides to grow in their guiding career and keep up to date with current guiding standards.

As accredited FGASA assessors we provide an array of different FGASA assessments for Field Guides and Trails Guides to grow in the industry and take the next step in their careers.

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