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Getting your Apprentice Trails Guide qualification (formerly Back-up Trails) is the next step in your field guiding career. Spend 28 days with us on this FGASA accredited course, getting your ARH (Advanced Rifle Handling) and Apprentice Trails Guide qualification while walking in amazing wildlife areas in Southern Africa.

During the course we will spend an average of seven hours walking on most days. You will be able to log valuable walking hours and dangerous game encounters with a highly experienced mentor, who will guide you through the process of approaching and retreating from dangerous game on foot, as well as interpretation skills and professional guest handling.

There is a maximum of eight participants per course, ensuring personalised attention and first-hand experience for everyone. Creating a comfortable learning environment and a culture of respect and ethics surrounding guiding is important to us!

In order to be able to get your FGASA qualification on this course, you have to:

  • Have a Apprentice Field Guide certificate (formerly Field Guide Level 1)

  • Have valid Wilderness First Aid 

  • Be a paid up FGASA member

  • Enjoy a reasonable level of fitness

For more information download our brochures:

Apprentice Trails Course in South Africa

Apprentice Trails Course in Botswana

Please contact us for availability and prices.

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