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During our self-catered PRIMITIVE Trails we will spend all nights out on a "Wilderness Trail" under the starry African Sky without camp or vehicle facilities. Learn how to make friction fire, gaze at the stars - everything required for the duration of the trail must be carried in a backpack (we can help with renting kits). The duration of each trail is 3 nights/4 days.

As a guest you can experience nature's untamed ecosystems, reconnect with your body, mind and soul and learn how to be more present while walking safely in amazing wildlife areas in Southern Africa. 

As a guide you can advance in your Trails Guide career by adding valuable mentored hours and dangerous game encounters as 2nd and 1st rifle while walking in amazing wildlife areas in Southern Africa with a highly experienced mentor.

There is a maximum of eight participants, ensuring personalised attention and first-hand experience for everyone.

In order to be able to log mentored hours towards your next FGASA Trails qualification, you have to:

  • Have a Apprentice Field Guide certificate (formerly Field Guide Level 1)

  • Have a Apprentice Trails Guide certificate (formerly Back-up Trails)

  • Have valid Wilderness First Aid 

  • Have valid ARH (Advanced Rifle Handling)

  • Be a paid up FGASA member

  • Enjoy a reasonable level of fitness

For more information download our short flyers:

Primitive Trails at Marataba

Primitive Trails at Bayala

Please contact us for availability.

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