Massimo's passion for nature, guiding and walking in the African Wilderness over the last 17 years has inspired him to share his knowledge of the bush, animals, birds and stars through various safaris, trails and trainings he and his community run in Southern Africa throughout the year.

All trainings and courses are endorsed by FGASA and operate in camps and lodges through Southern Africa (including Kruger National Park), KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) or the Okavango Delta (Botswana).


We have a maximum of 8 participants per training/course to ensure personalised attention and first-hand experience for everyone. On our courses we strive to create exceptional Field Guides that will turn Safaris into vacations of a lifetime for their guest, creating unforgettable memories.


African Bush Company offers-

African Wilderness Safaris (Budget & Luxury)

Walking Safaris & Primitive Trails

FGASA Guide Courses, Training & Mentorship

Frans Stander

25. August 2020

I can highly recommend anybody that needs direction, recharge or detox from technlogy to join Massimo on an adventure that will change your life! Thank you Massimo! See you soon again!

Lauren Tyla Humphreys

9. February 2020

Highly recommended to anyone looking for mentorship or even just an amazing bush experience. Massimo is an outstanding teacher, guide, and trails mentor, and overall just an awesome human being! He really helped build my confidence and skills in walking trails and I will definitely be back.

Horst Kalcher

11. July 2019

Fantastic experience in an awesome big 5 area. 2-3 encounters nearly every walk and of course Massi, who is one of the best out there. If not one of the most passionate than at least one of the most handsome guides and trainers in the bush.
Absolute 5 star experience

Arun C. Rao

25. September 2017

Massimo is my mentor and I could not ask for a better one. He is a great teacher and a person I would trust with my life. I would not be the guide I am if not for him and his faith in me that I could make the grade.

Thanks! Message sent.

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